Saturday, July 3, 2010

Great Expectations

Not to sound like an ad for Topsy Turvy, but the growth of our tomato plant has exceeded my expectations. We actually harvested one a few nights ago. The skin was starting to split so I plucked it off. Ryan and I shared it, and it was delicious.

Some of the others are almost ripe with two tomato clusters growing as I type. We've noticed a lot of blossoms too, which means more fruit is on the way.

The yields are quite small, and maybe we won't get enough for more than a salad, but I love the fact that I can grow food on my little deck. It's not as hopeless as I thought.


Little Merry Sunshine said...

So the whole root system and dirt is located inside the Topsy-Turvy and the plant grows out the bottom? Interesting. I've seen them on TV, but have been skeptical. I've got Plum Tomatoes (that are 2-3x bigger than anything with the same name I buy at Jewel) and some Beef Master Tomatoes that are heavy and big as well. Is the Topsy-Turvy built well and is it strong enough to hold these plants? I honestly can't believe just how big my tomato plants are. I've got them caged and staked. I'm curious to hear how everything turns out.

Lindsay said...

The plant just grows upside down. They are easy to water through the hole at the top, and the material of the Topsy Turvy containers is very sturdy. No need for cages and stakes, and this method is supposed to keep bugs out. We have a grape tomato plant that isn't very heavy, but I think you can grow heavier varieties too. It's our first foray into growing anything since we have no space for a garden, so we're all excited about it :)


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